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  Identifying Your Priorities

If you have been around my blog for a while, you know there are a few things I am passionate about, including faith, family & intentional living. I strongly believe that when we place our focus on the things that truly matter and say no to the non-essentials, we live with more purpose, more focus and a more grounded life.

One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves and our family is to really evaluate our priorities and understand what we view as the most important things in our lives.

Creating a life of purpose and intention starts with a clear understanding of those.

If you have worked through the Goals with Grace system then you already have a good understanding of what your priorities are and you’ve already done the work of creating a personal mission statement – which is a purpose statement that guides you through all the big and little decisions you make through your life.

If you are new to this approach, I strongly recommend you take a minute to stop and head here to download the free What’s Your Purpose? workbook ( to help you work through this process.

I’ll wait ;)

Alright, now that we have that out of the way…. Let’s take a few minutes to revisit our priorities and mission statement.

You might be wondering what this has to do with holiday planning?

The reason I am starting here is because if we are going to truly prepare our hearts and home for a relaxing, joyful and Grace-filled holiday season, then we HAVE to have a good grasp on what we, and our families, view as the most important things.

As in all areas of our lives, when we intentionally plan (whether that be for normal day-to-day planning or special holiday planning), we are placing a value on the most important aspects of our lives.

Take a few minutes to revisit your priorities & mission statement because this is what we are going to keep our eyes and heart focused on as we plan for and live through a meaningful holiday this year.

Use the printable below to list out your priorities. These are the things that matter most, the non-negotiables, the things you CANNOT remove from your life.

List them out in order of the most important. And for clarity sake, it’s best to keep your list no longer than 6 (or 8 at the absolute most) priorities because having too many priorities, takes away our focus from what truly matters.

Your Personal Mission Statement

Based on your priorities, what is your personal mission statement?

Again to help you with this process if you have never created a personal mission statement, you can download my free What’s Your Purpose? workbook (available below) to help you work through this process.

YIH Priorities.pdf
Goals with Grace Sample Chapter.pdf

Now that you have you have your priorities-based mission statement written out, keep it on the forefront of your mind as you work through this planning guide because it will guide our entire thought process as you think about and answer each question. 

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