Planning for an Intentional Advent & Christmas Season

The Advent season leading up to Christmas is both joyful and busy.

The calendar quickly fills up with more activities than there are days to fill them. The budget balloons to near explosion with every gift purchase, event tickets, groceries for holiday meals, decorations, and so much more.

Before long we are left spinning and all too quickly the holiday season is over and we are left wondering where did the time go?

We start the season with good intentions, well-laid plans, and ideas but before we can even make a plan, the calendar starts to move faster than we can even keep up with.

We desire to be intentional with our families during the holidays. Instead, we end the season feeling flustered, exhausted, and overwhelmed. All of those plans and intentions remain undone and feelings of guilt and regret take over.

Does it always have to be like this?

I don’t believe so!

In fact, I believe you can have a thoughtful, peaceful, joy-filled, and intentional holiday season keeping your focus on what truly matters! 

Use these planning pages in this section to plan and map out beloved family traditions, plan your Christmas Eve and Day meals, organize your calendar, and record all those special memories you don’t want to forget.  

With plenty of white space, you can easily fill and add your events and notes for simple and intentional planning. 

Included in this section:

o  Holiday Traditions Planning

o  Favorite Christmas Movies & Music Tracker

o  Advent Planning

o  Advent Storybook Tracker

o  Advent Calendar Countdown Planning

o  Advent Ideas & Activities

o  Serving Together Planner

o  12 Days of Giving & Serving Together

o  Intentional Gift Giving Planner

o  Gift Giving for Your Children

o  Gift Giving for Your Spouse

o  Gift Giving for Everyone on Your List

o  Gift Giving Planning

o  Christmas Card Tracker

o  Holiday Budget Tracker

o  Holiday Party Planner

o  Holiday Menu & Shopping List

o  Christmas Eve Planner

o  Christmas Eve Menu & Shopping List

o  Christmas Day Planner

o  Christmas Day Menu & Shopping List

o  Holiday Baking Menu

o  Christmas Menu Planner

o  Preparing Your Calendar

o  Holiday Calendar Events

o  December Blank Calendar

o  Holiday Special Memories

o  Holiday Ideas & Activities

o  Holiday Notes

Download the cover below to create a 3-ring planning binder or have your local print shop coil-bound them for you for an easy fall holiday planner.

YIC cover.pdf